Zahira Barneto is a production designer originally trained as a fine artist, who draws her roots from the underground art scene of Madrid. She initially started working with various architecture firms, where she honed her skills in drafting, 3D modeling, carpentry, and scenic arts. Her passion for creating new spaces led her to join the prestigious Macguffin agency, where she worked on high-profile projects for renowned clients such as Real Madrid, BBVA, Banesto, Airbus, McDonalds, and Renault. Alongside her work with Macguffin, Zahira also freelanced as a designer for various fields, including award-winning independent films, music videos, and art installations for galleries.

Zahira’s interest in the European and American fashion, art, and film industries eventually led her to move to New York City, where she worked for the esteemed Preston Baley firm, designing high-end floral events, and collaborated with numerous film directors on both short and feature-length films. In NYC, she met her partner, cinematographer Fernando Ortega, and they co-founded a video production company that focused on producing commercial, documentary, and lifestyle videos, with a special emphasis on culinary and gardening videos. Their company allowed them to relocate to Maui, where they continue to produce high-quality videos.

Recently, Zahira and Fernando embarked on an exciting project that reflects Zahira’s passion for architecture and interior design. They developed a comprehensive farmhouse renovation project, where they now live with their growing family. As a curious and adventurous person, Zahira believes in allowing her collaborations to develop naturally and that human beings can create anything. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts and a Bachelor in Business Administration from Madrid’s Complutense University and ESIC, respectively.

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